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Why Choose Mobile Billboards?


Our mobile billboards can reach any city & any state within the united states including some regions of Canada. Roll with the leaders today!


Our high quality 4 side wraps make it easy for consumers to see and read your message. Reach consumers before they make a buying decision

Creating Excitement & Engagement

3x More Effective Than Stationary Billboards

Things in motion capture people's attention. With a four sided mobile billboard display, your message is seen from all directions.
Full wrap displays are static and are not being shared with other advertisers similar to digital billboard advertising. We tailor your mobile billboard route to match your goals & consumer base.

Mobile Billboard Coverage
Creative Team, Exceptional Results

Our Executive Team

Jonathon WolfeBarron

Growing up in the industry Jonathon had an early start in the world of Out of Home Advertising. He dedicates his time and energy to finding new and innovative ways to exceed client expectations and set new industry norms in the world of advertising.

Mark L.

Mark Letteriello serves as the VP of operations. With 11 years of experience in marketing, sales and logistics, his diverse wealth of knowledge guides the team to new levels of accomplishment. He believes that there are no limits, and that you must 'Think Big' to soar above and achieve anything. At his core he strives to create positive long-term business relationships and values their success as his own. In his free time, he enjoys riding, training, and raising horses. His greatest enjoyment is spending time with his Wife and 3 children on their Family Ranch.

Filip A.

Filip is the mastermind that leads our creative department. With over 20 years of experience in creative design, there is no project that is beyond his capabilities. Working with multiple platforms and programs, not only is his work miles above the industry standard, he can work under tight deadlines with the most efficiency and attention to detail. Some of his featured work includes, cultural accessories in the Vatican, special government agency projects, and branding for small businesses to fortune 500 companies. In his spare time, he enjoys diving and fishing in various lakes and oceans all over the world with his family.

Sam G.

Sam is our Lead Developer at Rolling Adz and oversees all digital aspects of our clients marketing campaign. He helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers through effective web design & flow.

We believe in giving back to our community.

Portland Refugee Support Group


Boy & Girl Scouts of America


Kidney Donor Charities


Molly's Fund / Kaleidoscope - Fighting Lupus


St. Judes Children Hospital


Boys & Girls Club of America


High School Perfect Attendance Scholarship


Marathon Scholars


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