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Data Integrations

Impression Engagement & Retargeting

Data Point Beacon

Rolling Adz has conducted several patented studies to measure the visibility and effectiveness of mobile billboards. This data has been integrated into a Beacon application that has been placed in each mobile billboard. This beacon captures cellular data that come into and meet the visibility metric.

The beacon only counts impressions that have come into direct contact with the mobile billboard for 8 seconds or longer. It also factors in speed, direction, obstructions, and many other variables that could prevent an actual impression.

Hyper-Local Advertising

Real Estate Advertising

Stores and Grand Openings

Political Advertising

Promotional Advertising

Store Advertising

Mobile billboards are perfect for

  • Storefronts & Groceries
  • Residential & Neighborhood deliveries.
  • Pharmacies, retailers, hospitals, and all other essential businesses.
  • 700,000 - 1.2million impressions in hyper-local areas per truck, per month.

Hyper-Local Fleet: Nationwide

Reach nationwide communities, homes, and markets where other media cannot go.
Rolling Adz delivers your brand message straight to consumers.

Delivering Messages During COVID-19

  • Mobile billboards drive all daylight Hours (7am - 7pm)
  • Mobile billboards are GPS tracked and routes are designed to reach your audience.
  • Stops at homes, grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, hospitals and other essential businesses.
  • Residential deliveries, our mobile billboards stop at over 400 homes daily.
  • Artwork turnaround 5 business days in most mobile billboard markets.

Mobile Billboard Features

Fleet of over 15,000 mobile billboards


Our mobile billboard units cover every state to provide an unparalleled mobile billboard coverage. Saturate entire markets with your brand message!


Our 3rd party partners provide impression reports that include what your consumers do after they view your ad, frequency, and audience measurement.

Drive Time

Your mobile billboard is traveling in hyper-local communities 7 days a week, from 7am-7pm reaching people at home and in the workplace.


Our data partners along with our beacon application provide impression reports, user engagement, frequency, and enable you the ability to retarget consumers with online ads.


When you book 10 or more mobile billboard units you become a Rolling Adz exclusive advertiser in your market, preventing your direct competition from utilizing units.


Our low CPM means you can roll your message on a fleet of 10 mobile billboards and receive millions of impressions per month for the price of 1 static billboard.

GPS Tracking

All Rolling Adz mobile billboards are GPS tracked for quality assurance purposes Each route is designed and engineered to effectively cover our clients’ desired target audience, reaching people where they live, work and play.

Mobile Billboard in Dallas, Texes
Rolling Adz Review and Testimonial

Beth Thuna

Owner • HPC in California

As an operator of a licensed cannabis dispensary, it's critical that I'm able to reach a targeted demographic. Unfortunately, opportunities to advertise in our industry are limited. RollingAdz and Mark Letteriello provided the answer we needed. Since we've been advertising on a mobile billboard we've seen increased revenues, been tagged on social media by our customers, and improved our brand awareness. We plan to continue advertising on mobile media and intend on making it part of our permanent marketing budget.

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