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It's our mission to lead the truck advertising industry,
for the growth of any business or organization through
our partnerships and innovation , with the ability to directly
target audiences outside of their homes.

Many companies trust in Rolling Adz to safely promote and create unique brand experiences.

We connect with brands looking to get more out of their marketing efforts

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Susan R.

Metup.org • President
"After working with Rolling Adz we know why they spell “Adz" with a Z, because from A to Z they have every detail covered. From Jonathon and Mark’s top-notch customer service and unrivaled experience in the business to Filip’s incredible designs, we would recommend Rolling Adz to anyone looking to maximize eyeballs and optimize their marketing budget."

Karen D.

Cirque du Soleil • Project Manager
"Rolling Adz has been a great way to get big and unique visibility for Volta, Cirque du Soleil’s newest big top in the Seattle area. The graphics are bold and eye compelling on the trucks as they go about their deliveries. Rolling Adz staff went over and above by participating with a Volta street team in the Seafair Torchlight parade to great reception and aplomb."

Jessica H.

Dirt Cheap
"Our experience using Rolling Adz was great! Production was very quick and the rates were much more affordable than any similar services we looked at. Shane was frequently in touch giving us updates. We felt it was effective for our campaign needs and would definitely use again!"

Randall J.

Law Office of Randall J. • Owner
"As a successful Small Business Owner, I have learned to spot those who have the tools & character traits to succeed both short term & long term.

In Rolling Adz, and Jon in particular, I have seen all of those in abundance. First, he owns & operates a great business, with a great business model. He is he person of the highest integrity, work ethic and kindness that always puts the customer first.

One example that made Rolling Adz no money, but speaks the most about Jon's character was when he was approached by the Father of a young Daughter who would die without a Kidney Transplant. The father wanted to place a Truck Ad looking for a Kidney Donor, Jon did the entire campaign for free, and a donor responded to the mobile billboard. Today that young lady has a new kidney, is alive and well in large part because of Jon's compassion.

I can assure you that you will not be disappointed in doing business with Rolling Adz, and continuing that relationship in the years to come."

Kristi K.

Midland Hypnotherapy • Owner
"Great experience with Rolling Adz. Very professional, friendly, and overall a great new way to advertise my business!"

Cristie O.

Lam Research
I have worked with Jonathon in the past and have the highest professional opinion of him. He has proven to be an honest man with high integrity. He is an outstanding intellectual who demonstrates strong leadership skills. He has a friendly demeanor which encapsulates those around him and always creates an invitingly warm environment. He has a knack for recognizing talent as well as manifesting his goals into reality. The highest quality of professionalism is demonstrated time after time with Jonathan. He is a stellar example of what a small business owner should represent when it come to high quality products and service. I am honored to have worked with him and to call him a treasured friend.

Chris Q.

Quinnconcepts • Owner
"As a graphic/web design and marketing agency, I have partnered with Jonathon and Rolling Adz for almost 2 years now. From the experiences I've had with Jonathon, he has demonstrated outstanding communication skills in working with our team to create many successful advertising and social media campaigns. I have recommended Jonathon and the team at Rolling Adz to many of my clients and will continue to do so."

Gail B.

Consulting Accountant
"I've worked with Jonathon WolfeBarron and Rolling Adz for some time now. Jonathon leads by example to deliver high quality marketing and advertising while maintaining a strict code of ethics and integrity. He and his team have developed a corporate culture that makes Rolling Adz a great company to work with whether you are a customer or a vendor. Jonathon works hard to fulfill his customers expectations and goes above and beyond to develop and maintain positive relationships. He and his team are an absolute pleasure to work with!"

Jenna H.

The Pearl Projects • Founder / Owner
"The personal service and thorough customization that I was offered was bar none. I felt that my needs were taken seriously and my particularities were honored with ease. From start to finish the process was smooth, completely professional, and represented a work ethic and quality standard that is so hard to find these days. It’s an honor to have worked with Rolling Adz to advance our Non Profit organization. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend their services to anyone."

Office Hours: 7:30AM ~ 4:00PM PDT

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