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Guaranteed Mobile Ads

Exclusive Space & Dedicated Support

What does the Easy Button Guarantee entail?

It ensures a hassle-free experience throughout your campaign by assigning a dedicated Client Success Manager to guide you every step of the way, eliminating uncertainties.


How does having a dedicated Client Success Manager benefit me?

It streamlines communication, provides consistent support, and enhances overall client satisfaction by offering personalized assistance.

What is the Full Vehicle Guarantee?

We promise exclusive advertising space on each vehicle, meaning your brand is the sole focus, preventing any sharing of ad space with other advertisers.

How does exclusive ad space benefit my brand?

It ensures uninterrupted visibility and strengthens brand exclusivity, allowing your message to stand out without competing distractions.

What does the Largest Fleet Guarantee ensure?

We commit to using the largest advertising vehicles in your market, maximizing impact and visibility. We go big, so your brand gets noticed.

How does using larger vehicles benefit my campaign?

Larger vehicles offer more space for creative messaging, making your campaign more impactful, memorable, and visually appealing.

What is the Fast Launch Guarantee?

It prioritizes speed to market, ensuring your campaign is expedited internally to get scheduled and launched as quickly as possible.

How does a fast launch benefit my campaign?

It provides a competitive edge by reducing time-to-market, allowing you to capitalize on timely opportunities and stay ahead of competitors. Be live in any market in as little as 72 hours with an LED Truck and just 14 days with a static, branded delivery truck (with approved creative).

What does the Fast Removal Guarantee cover?

Before the campaign ends, your ad is already scheduled for removal, ensuring no lingering ads. We prioritize a swift and timely conclusion to your campaign.

Why is fast removal important for my brand?

It guarantees brand consistency by ensuring ads are promptly removed, avoiding any confusion or dilution of your brand image post-campaign.

What does the Quality Check Guarantee involve?

We conduct regular quality checks to ensure the cleanliness and full effectiveness of your ad throughout the campaign duration.

How does quality checking impact my campaign?

It maximizes campaign effectiveness by ensuring that the ad is visually appealing, clean, and aligns with the overall quality standards set for your brand.

What is the Industry Exclusivity Guarantee?

It ensures full exclusivity for any one-year campaign with over 15 vehicles in your market, guaranteeing that we will not work with your direct competition.

How does industry exclusivity benefit my campaign?

It provides a significant competitive advantage, preventing competitors in your industry from utilizing the same advertising platform during your campaign.

What is the Extension Lock Guarantee?

We commit to locking in and honoring the same rates for any campaign extensions, regardless of seasonality or market conditions.

Why is the extension lock beneficial for my budget?

It provides budget predictability, ensuring that extension costs won't fluctuate, offering financial assurance for your extended campaigns.

What does the Creative Rating Guarantee involve?

Every creative is checked against the Billups Measurement Methodology best practices and our AI-powered creative rating system offers objective feedback for maximum impact.

How does creative rating enhance my campaign?

It ensures optimal campaign effectiveness by using AI to analyze and improve creatives, making data-driven decisions to enhance overall performance.

What is the Content Guarantee?

We guarantee a professional photoshoot for every campaign over 5 days, ensuring added content value for your online presence.

How does a professional photoshoot benefit my brand?

It enhances your online presence by providing high-quality visual content, aligning with your brand standards and contributing to a visually consistent online image.

What does the Nationwide Rate Guarantee offer?

Any nationwide campaigns (5 markets+) will have a flat, locked-in rate that will not change despite market demand or conditions.

How does a Nationwide Rate simplify campaign management?

It simplifies budgeting by offering a uniform rate across the country, ensuring consistent pricing regardless of market demand or conditions.