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Mobile Billboards in Iowa – Your Premier Advertising Solution

Who We Are

Since 2011, Rolling Adz has been revolutionizing outdoor advertising with our premium mobile billboard services. Our turnkey platform handles everything from creative design to campaign execution, making it easier than ever to get your message out there. Trusted by top brands, our mobile billboards in Iowa deliver unparalleled visibility and impact.

Why Choose Mobile Billboards in Iowa?

High Visibility and Impact

Mobile billboards are impossible to ignore. Our eye-catching vehicles traverse high-traffic areas, ensuring your advertisement is seen by thousands of potential customers daily. Unlike stationary billboards, mobile billboards bring your message directly to your target audience, wherever they are.

Targeted Advertising

With our strategic route planning, your ads will reach the right people at the right time. Whether it’s downtown areas, event locations, or busy highways, we tailor routes to align with your target demographics in Iowa.

Cost-Effective and Flexible

Mobile billboard advertising offers a cost-effective solution with the flexibility to adjust routes and schedules based on campaign performance. This adaptability ensures you get the best return on your investment, optimizing exposure and engagement.

Our Mobile Billboard Options in Iowa

Branded Delivery Trucks
  • 4-Sided, 360° Viewshed: Maximum visibility from all angles.
  • 350ft Eye-Level Engagement: Captures attention at eye level.
  • Travels With Audience: Follows high-traffic routes for maximum exposure.
Wrapped Rideshare Vehicles
  • 2-Sided, 180° Viewshed: Engages viewers from multiple directions.
  • High Traffic Engagement: Ideal for urban areas with heavy foot and vehicle traffic.
  • Clean & Premium Vehicles: Maintained to the highest standards for a professional look.
LED Billboard Trucks
  • 3-Sided, 270° Viewshed: Dynamic ads visible day and night.
  • Fast Creative Changes: Easily update your message as needed.
  • Video & Audio Available: Enhance your ads with multimedia features.

Successful Campaigns with Rolling Adz

Award-Winning Design

Our creative team has earned accolades for their innovative designs. Combined with our AI-powered creative rating system, we ensure your campaigns launch with the most effective visuals.

Strategic Coverage

We provide extensive route options across Iowa, targeting areas where your audience lives, works, and plays. Our in-house production team ensures a swift transition from concept to execution.

Targeted Retargeting

Beyond capturing eyeballs, our mobile billboards enable targeted online messaging to reinforce your campaign, increasing engagement and conversions.

Client Testimonials

“We know why they spell ‘Adz’ with a ‘Z’, because from A to Z they have every detail covered.”

  • Susan R.,

“Rolling Adz has been a great way to get big and unique visibility for Volta, Cirque du Soleil’s newest big top in the Seattle area.”

  • Karen D., Cirque du Soleil

“Opportunities to advertise in our industry are limited. Rolling Adz provided the answer we needed. Since advertising on a mobile billboard we’ve seen increased revenues and improved our brand awareness.”

  • Beth T., HPC in California

Proven Results

  • 97% OOH Recall Rate: According to Outdoor Advertising Magazine, our mobile billboards boast one of the highest recall rates in the industry.
  • 90% Notice OOH Media Monthly: A significant portion of consumers notice outdoor ads regularly.
  • 78% Notice Transit Ads Monthly: High visibility and engagement with transit ads.

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